All you Need to Know About Crash Bandicoot

Our favorite game crash bandicoot which is an American series of video games of platform presently owned by Activision. This series is actually exclusive to the Sony PlayStation and was created by Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin during tenure at Naughty dog for Sony Computer Entertainment.

While its conception was at naughty dog, Naughty Dog series has appeared to be available on different platforms and have gone through various developers and genres. This Series has a total of eighteen games and is shipped over 40 million copies all over the Globe. These games are largely set on the fabricated Wumpa islands, an archipelago placed to the south of Australia, although other places are general. Main games in this series are mainly platformers, several are spin-off in different genres in different regions. The character of the series is an anthropomorphic bandicoot titled Crash, and that character’s life is on the Wumpa islands is often intervallic by the games main antagonist, DC Neo Cortex, who made crash and now what he wants is nothing less than his demise. Generally, it is to defeat cortex and foil any globe domination plans he might have.

Specifications of Crash Bandicoot is that this application for android is available to play with your friends.

The Crash Bandicoot Game is developed by Katikas and this game is listed under games category ranging from 3.5-5 years average rating on our favorite Google Play Store.

It was fetched from Google Play Store which shows that this app is an original and unmodified.

You can download the apk of your favorite game Crash Bandicoot:

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