Android Nougat 7.0 Features You Will Need to Know

Android 7.0 “Nougat” (codenamed N in-development) is that the seventh major version of the automaton software. initial free as a beta depend on March nine, 2016, it had been formally free on August twenty two, 2016, with Nexus devices being the primary to receive the update. candy introduces notable changes to the software and its development platform, together with the power to show multiple apps on-screen right away during a split-screen read, support for inline replies to notifications, further as associate degree OpenJDK-based Java surroundings and support for the Vulkan graphics rendering API, and “seamless” system updates on supported devices.

On March 9, 2016, prior the Google I/O developer conference, Google free the primary beta of automaton “N” as a part of a brand new “Android Beta Program” supposed for testing by developers and enthusiasts before official unharness “this summer”. The developer preview builds were compatible with solely current Google Nexus devices; the 5X, 6P, 6, 9, Pixel C, and Nexus Player. The “Android Beta Program” that was introduced permits testers to opt-in for over-the-air updates to new beta versions as they’re free. On April thirteen, 2016, automaton N Beta Preview a pair of was free.

Android 7.0 Nougat

Google any mentioned automaton “N” throughout the I/O keynote on might eighteen, 2016, and disclosed its new computer game platform Daydream. throughout the conference, Beta Preview three was free, together with Google stating it’s currently gone from developer-beta to public-beta, which suggests anyone will attempt it out. Google conjointly declared that it might hold a contest to work out the official unharness name of the software. Beta Preview four was free on June fifteen, 2016. On June 30, 2016, Google declared that N’s unharness name would be “Nougat”; it had been conjointly confirmed that candy would be version seven.0 of automaton. the ultimate Beta Preview, 5, was free on July eighteen, 2016.

1.Two apps, one screen

This feature is that the final functionaliy that permits you to multitask on huge Screen Phablet. Samsung Galaxy Note Series already had this during a special Touchwiz build tweaked for five.5+ inches devices. This create very good multitasking and you get optimum use of you Brobdingnagian screen realty

2.Multi-window mode are a boon for anyone United Nations agency must move quickly between 2 apps.

Ah, multi window support. Google has been teasing this extremely anticipated productivity feature since the automaton N developer preview initial went live.

Here’s however it works: From the Recent apps screen, press and hold the app that you simply need to run side-by-side with another. Once you get a prompt, drag that app to the highest of the screen. You’ll currently be ready to open another app from the Recent apps screen below it. Voila: 2 apps, facet by facet, during a split-screen arrangement.

To get out of multi-window mode, you’ll be able to long-press the recent apps list. This restores the first app to full-screen. you’ll be able to conjointly slide the sting of the app you would like to retain all the thanks to either facet of the screen. this can pack up the secondary app, and create the first app full-screen.

Not all apps can work with this feature, thus you’ll need to experiment slightly. And please note: There’s conjointly a free-form mode which will be created offered for larger automaton tablets. This feature can allow you to size your app windows to completely different dimensions.

3.Direct Reply

The direct reply feature is one in all the foremost easy, helpful options in automaton N.

Android N offers an instantaneous Reply Feature which will allow you to answer messages directly from your notifications shade, as illustrated on top of with a Hangouts notification. And best nonetheless, it’ll work with any electronic messaging app that uses the Google API. In some apps, you’ll even be ready to snooze a message, or file it away for later.

4.Smarter fast Settings

Aching for a lot of customization skills within the notifications shade? automaton N’s delivery it to you.

Marshmallow brought US fast Settings, however automaton N can bring US dynamic fast Settings. You’ll still see constant tiny icons that deliver direct access to often used functions, however with automaton N you’ll be ready to customise that of these settings seem within the set.


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A short faucet on any of the settings icons can reveal essential data within the notifications shade, whereas a protracted faucet can take you to the Settings panel for that specific feature. as an example, if you’re questioning what’s ingestion up your battery, you’ll be able to long-tap on the battery icon for a fast readout on what number hours you’ve got left.

Finally, associate degree informative Settings panel.

Android N’s Settings panel remains constant inviting list of choices that appeared in previous versions, however currently they embody very little snippets of data below every class. as an example, if you’re striking your knowledge cap, you’ll be able to look quickly at the Settings panel to check what number gigabytes you’ve really used throughout your request time.

7.A better Recent apps key

Now you’ll be ready to simply clear all of your recent apps with the Clear All button at the highest in automaton N.

The Recent apps screen has forever been type of barebones, however Google has supercharged it slightly in automaton N. Indeed, currently it’s over simply a pile of screenshots.

Android N allows you to double-tap the Recent apps button to leap to the last app you were mistreatment. That’s right: not can you have got to sift through a stack of screenshots simply to seek out that specific Chrome tab you were simply in.

Android N also will limit what number Recent apps ar stowed at a time. something that hasn’t been utilized in quite whereas are hidden, although it’s unclear what “a while” really suggests that. You’ll even be ready to directly clear all of your open apps with simply the faucet of the Clear All choice. It’s a lot of handy than singly dismissing each application. There are many feature updates as you can read article Marshmallow vs Nougat.

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