Download Doomsday Clicker v1.3.2 Apk File Free

Download Doomsday Clicker v1.3.2 Apk File Free. You are going to be the destroyer of the Whole Earth. Push the red button and destroy the world, and start earning profit from the destruction you did after the whole life working on technology that will destroy the whole world. The rescuer will not have a choice except coming to you, Tap and make your underground shelter with luxurious rooms and halls. The more people stay with you the more coins you will get, when an unwanted visitor is there at your doorstep, it’s a great opportunity for you to collect some coins, visit the supercharger, meet hundreds of silly character’s and see how they do mutation which is because of your destruction. The game is also updating still and there will be more locations and enemies very soon, which will make the game more interesting. So download doomsday clicker v1.3.2 apk now and enjoy destruction.

Download Doomsday Clicker v1.3.2 Apk File Free


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